The Financial Wisdom of Scott Herckis

Scott HerckisBelieving that education is key to everything in life, Scott Herckis earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin years ago, and then he took his CPA exam during his five-year stint in the Audit and Assurance Department at Arthur Andersen, considered by man to be the most prestigious business accounting firm ever. During his five years there, he worked with many large corporate clients, including such giants as Cadbury Schweppes and Sheraton, among many others. Following his time at Andersen, Scott Herckis went on to increase his financial business profile, as we worked with a number of companies as a controller, then as a Vice President of Finance, and finally as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

His business advisory firm, SJH Financial, works much the same as Scott Herckis himself. They like Scott, don’t just tell clients how to make money, they explain why they are doing what they are doing and what it means to their overall strategy. Anyone who wants to startup or expand their business, or they just want to get a better handle on company finances, Scott Herckis would be a great partner to have. Scott Herckis and SJH Financial can help you come up with the best financial and budgeting strategies and help you move your business forward.