Scott Herckis and SJH Financial: A Step Up

Scott HerckisA primary reason why Scott Herckis created his very own accounting firm, which he named SJH Financial, was to help businesses get their finances in order and become the best they can be. Scott and his firm work from a basic premise that Scott Herckis considers the most important concept in business consulting. He believes that financial advice is worthless unless the person receiving it understands what they are being told and how to best use it.

That’s why both Scott Herckis and SJH Financial deliver their financial expertise with healthy dose of wisdom gained from experience. The financial pros at SJH Financial don’t just tell clients how to make money and what to do with it, they explain why they should do what they are being asked to do. Scott’s clients also know how the advice fits into their overall business strategy and how these strategies will ensure business success. Those who have a business they feel is underperforming should turn to Scott Herckis to help them make the best possible financial decisions in a way that drives future growth.