Scott Herckis, Business Advisor

Scott Herckis

Before he decided to found SJH Financial as one of the finest financial advisory firms in the land, Scott Herckis made sure he was qualified to do exactly that for as many clients as possible. He started by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after that, he joined the Audit and Assurance Department at Arthur Andersen, where he worked for five years and earned his CPA. With Andersen, he also worked with a number of large corporate clients, including such prestigious brands as Cadbury Schweppes and Sheraton Hotels.

Upon leaving Arthur Andersen, Scott Herckis continued to increase his profile in finance, working with companies in the fashion and apparel industry as a controller, then Vice President of Finance and, eventually, as CFO. It is that combination of education and practical experience that makes Scott Herckis a great choice to advise you, whether you want to raise financial capital to start or grow a business or you need help to face the myriad challenges that face any business at various times.

If you’re looking to get your business finances under control, or you are simply searching for the best budgeting and forecasting solutions, Scott Herckis and SJH Financial can help you do what is necessary to drive future growth. Scott has a keen understanding of the difficulties and challenges businesses face because he’s been there, and he also knows how to make the best of financial opportunities as they arise. Scott herckis understands the difficulties and challenges businesses face and he can show you exactly how to come out of everything as well as can be expected.